MS in IT Curriculum Updated - New Core and New Concentrations!

The Master's in IT program recently updated the curriculum and has some exciting changes to share.  Two new concentrations have been added, Data Science and Analytics and Information Dominance.  Also the class Data Science has been added as the new Data Analytics core requirement, advanced options for this core area will be Database Mining, X-Informatics, and a brad new class currently being developed called Data Analytics.    

Additional information about the new concentrations.
Data Science and Analytics - Data and Information analytics extends analysis (descriptive and predictive models to obtain knowledge from data) by using insight from analyses to recommend action or to guide and communicate decision-making. Thus, analytics is not so much concerned with individual analyses or analysis steps, but with an entire methodology. Key topics include: advanced statistical computing theory, multivariate analysis, and application of computer science courses such as data mining and machine learning and change detection by uncovering unexpected patterns in data.  

Information Dominance - The Information Dominance concentration prepares students for careers designing, building, and managing secure information systems and networks.  The concentration includes advanced study in encryption and network security, formal models and policies for access control in databases and application systems, secure coding techniques, and other related information assurance topics.  The combination of coursework provides comprehensive coverage of issues and solutions for utilizing high assurance systems for tactical decision-making.  It prepares students for careers ranging from secure information systems analyst, to information security engineer, to field information manager and chief information officer.  It is also appropriate for all IT professionals who want to enhance their knowledge of how to use pervasive information in situational awareness, operations scenarios, and decision-making.

More information can be found on the Master's in IT website:


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