IT Alumnus, Rich Palmer, Publishes Book "30/90: Building a Better Future"

“30/90: Building A Better Future” is a proven framework for achieving your goals. Whether you are looking to pursue lifestyle changes or extreme challenges, 30/90 provides you with a simple and direct step-by-step process. The framework combines the best productivity techniques with my own findings to help you define and conquer challenges in your life - and build to a grander and brighter future.

I particularly love a good challenge. Over the years, I have pursued dozens of challenges and goals ranging from extreme fitness, to losing over sixty pounds in 90 days, to mental deprivation. I have spent 30 days eating only raw food, a whole month of not lying (and telling the truth for any question asked), and more.

“30/90: Building A Better Future” is the exact process I go through, from beginning to end. It details what kinds of goals to strive for and how to pick the most important ones. It covers how to stay organized, motivated, and sane while pursuing these challenges. It shows you how to remain true to yourself and complete anything you put your mind to.

Together with the companion website at, you will have everything you need to achieve a better future self. The website includes monthly goals, motivational posters, calendars, and more.

Stay strong and good luck in your pursuit of a brighter future.

- Rich Palmer

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