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Rackspace through the Foundry-RPI

WHAT IS THE RACKSPACE.COM PROGRAM? Rackspace loves startups, and they have partnered with the Foundry-RPI to provide $2000 in Rackspace Cloud credit per month for a period of one year for companies participating in the Foundry program. That is a great runway to be able to get your startup off the ground.
WHAT IS THE FOUDRY-RPI? Foundry-RPI is a working group where students, alumni and community members meet weekly, get peer feedback, and execute on ideas in an environment in which it is both expected that you are trying to do awesome things and it is okay to fail. The Foundry does not invest in or take fees from students or participating companies.
HOW DO I SIGN UP FOR THE FOUDRY-RPI? Send your contact info to You can find out more information on the Foundry-RPI at
Rackspace Startup Program offered to Foundry-RPI members RACKSPACE.COM Managed Cloud Hosting Committed to Open Standards Plan, Deploy and Run Your App
FOUNDRY-RPI Weekly Peer M…