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Open House at ECIC!

If you want an opportunity to network, here's your chance! On April 27 @ 5pm-7:30pm, the Electronic City Innovation Center will be holding an open house to celebrate their acquisition by Jeff Goronkin and Susan Bardack 🎯.

(for more infomation, visit their Eventbrite Announcement)

Accepted Student's Day, An Award for Plotka, and Some New Phalanx Members!

Winning the David M. Darrin ’40 Counseling Award is our own Professor Plotka! And on the same night, our very own classmates were inducted into the Phalanx Honor Society!

(from left to right): Linda Kramarchyk, Dan Bruce, Conrad Mossl, Rachel Blacker, Candice Poon, and Richard Plotka

And while we're throwing pictures of honorary people at you, here's a look at some kids that might be your underclassmen next semester:

Our ITWS Program is Number 1

The ITWS program here at RPI was recently on as the #1 choice for a Bachelor's Degree in Info Tech.
Be proud of your new hats!

But beware...

ITWS in the Student Government

🎆Congratulations to Justin and Kayla🎆

Everybody give a big round of applause for our own Justin Etzine and Kayla Cinnamon, just elected the new Grand Marshal and Undergraduate President (respectively)!