IT Alumnus, Akeem Shirley, Interviewed for Cisco Video

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Hack IT: 24 Hour Hack-A-Thon Pushes Engineers Beyond The Norm

Who needs sleep when there are codes to break? Cisco engineers along with interns and university students test their geek credentials while solving some of technology's biggest problems.

June 09 , 2013
Full Transcript
This event is called Hack It. We are doing a 24 hour intense coding and problem solving marathon.
We've got Indian and Chinese and we're all running on highly caffeinated drinks.
Hi, I'm Akeem Shirley and I'm an IT Analyst (laugh)
I'm Akeem Shirley and I'm an IT Analyst with Cisco
My name is Ben Varghese, I'm an IT engineer here at Cisco
I'm Ben Goodwin, and I'm a UK intern.
When you connect different people form different disciplines, different industries, different organizations in the company and bring those things together it's a great sort of catalyst for innovation.
What we're attempting to do is write an acronym crawler which will go over every Cisco web page and we'll take out all of the acronyms and we're going to try and guess what their definitions are, what they stand for
Our idea was to create a web site  that allows people to  be more informed about homelessness
We often forget technology is for the purpose of doing something good for humanity. And whenever we can apply technology to meet a real human need, that's the true benefit of technology.
I think what Cisco is doing here is definitely awesome. Not only for inspiring growth among new employees, but showing you can do more than you think you can.


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