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Dr. Minna Levine Speaking at Tetherless World Constellation

The use of SymTrend in the study of Asperger's, autism, neurological disorders and brain injury recovery
A talk by: Minna Levine
Date/Time: Wednesday, November 9th, 2011 - 5:00pm-6:00 PM  Location: WINSLOW 1140            
Page AbstractDr. Minna Levine, President of SymTrend, Inc. will describe SymTrend and provide examples of research projects that have used the system with teens with Aspergers, children with lower functioning autism in substantially separate classrooms, teens who self-injure, and adults with neurological disorders/brain injury. SymTrend is a web and mobile platform for creating and implementing data collection and guidance applications. Its development was funded in part by three STTRs from NIMH. It can be used by professionals and families to record behavioral observations and evaluate the impact of interventions. It has a site license with an authoring tool with which researchers can develop web and mobile in…

Seeking the Next Social Media Leaders

Hello everyone,
Do you have leadership potential?
Last Spring, the Social Media Club @Rensselaer, an educational chapter of the largest social media organization in the world, launched on campus. Its founders, Diego Regules and Travis Cano (ITWS Seniors), most significant contribution to the community was achieved through the Social Media Forum, to which more than 100 people attended.
Since Travis and Diego will graduate in December, they're currently looking for pro-active students looking to take responsibility in managing the club. They will transfer all their know-how, along with access to all of our platforms to any student (or group of students) that demonstrate a clear interest in learning about social media and possess some leadership acumen.  This Rensselaer Union-recognized club is flexible enough and open to allow any social media leader to take it in the direction she/he decides! Everything's in place already for someone else to lead the club: contacts in Capital Regio…

ITWS Salary Comparison

The Center for Career and Professional Development website has Rensselaer's salary data posted by school and degree.  A survey of the graduating Class of 2011 found that the ITWS degree ranks as the 3rd highest average salary and the highest low end starting salary!  Check out the data for yourself:
This is great news for all of our current students, especially graduating students that are looking for full time employment.  Good luck with the job and internship searches!   

2011 ITWS Founders Awards

The Founders Award of Excellence was established in 1994 to honor students who embody qualities of creativity, discovery, leadership, and the values of pride and responsibility at Rensselaer.  Students nominated should demonstrate:

Strong academic performance. Candidates should be in the top 10% of their respective class. Pride and responsibility in all aspects of his or her life at Rensselaer. Outstanding leadership skills exhibiting discretion, judgment, and well-rounded regard for the opinions of others. Originality and imagination that may be evidenced by the potential to solve problems and possess skills to promote new ideas and theories in his/her field of study. 
Congratulations to the 2011 ITWS Founders Awards recipients!
Joseph Dougherty - Co-Term
Andrew Karnani - Class of 2013
Kristin Shumway - Graduate Student
Ankit Srivastava - Graduate Student
Han Wang - Graduate Student

Students were presented with the award at the 18th Annual Honor's Convocation held on Saturday …