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Wall Street & Technology Article "How to Land a Technology Job on Wall Street: Inside an Elite Wall Street IT Education"

How to Land a Technology Job on Wall Street: Inside an Elite Wall Street IT EducationCapital markets firms are recruiting graduates from the top schools in computer science and other majors to train the next generation of IT talent.Tags:Sapient Global MarketsCampus RecruitingSteve RubinowFX AllianceBlackstone GroupBill Murphy,Building IT Skills, By Ivy Schmerken @ischmerken MAY 31, 2012 Share on email Despite the view that the U.S. economy is sluggish and it's hard for new college graduates to get a job, financial services firms are hiring. In fact, top Wall Street companies are reaching out to the elite colleges in a huge way to bring in the best and brightest graduates whom they can groom to fit their cultures.

ITWS Faculty Workshop for Promoting Undergraduate Research

Thank you to all the students, faculty and advisory board members for making this years workshop a great success!  Special Thanks for Lynn Andrea Stein, from Olin College, for coming to RPI to run our annual workshop.  Students and instructors had a great discussion regarding the curriculum and the laboratory space.   
Abstract: The IT and Web Science (ITWS) Program has inaugurated a new interdisciplinary undergraduate laboratory and project space designed to cultivate undergraduate research. The space is open not just to ITWS students, but all undergraduates, as well as graduate students and faculty members interested in engaging in highly interdisciplinary work that involves some IT or web science component. Our intent for this  space is to foster guided research through a suite of faculty-defined projects that intersect with faculty research interests. The purpose of this workshop, which may be conducted in the form of a minor charette, will be to generate the initial set of defined…