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Gamma Nu Eta Student to Student Career Coaching Event

The IT honors society is putting together a career coaching program for the ENTIRE SCHOOL. The event is on February 6th from 8pm to ~10pm in DCC 330.
Why you should go:
Members of GNH will be giving career tips and advice, specifically on the following topics: preparing for the career fair, applying for jobs, keeping in contact with recruiters, how to write a professional email, interview skills, and resume advice.
But here's the best part:
Students at RPI will also have the chance to "adopt" a member of GNH who will be their personal career coach. A coach and a student will exchange contact information, and for the rest of the semester, the coach will be available to students any time they have a question, and will assist students with every step in the job-getting process: resume critiquing, editing cover letters, preparing for the career fair/interviews. There will be a meet&greet and Q&A after the lecture. 
Don't hesitate to email the event coordinator, Michel…

Foundry-RPI Info Session - Tuesday, January 24th at 6:00 PM

Severino Center Launches Foundry-RPIThe Severino Center for Technological Entrepreneurship is launching Foundry-RPI, a working group where entrepreneurs can meet weekly, get peer feedback, and execute on ideas in an environment in which it is both expected that you are trying to do awesome things and it is okay to fail.  The Foundry-RPI program will continue through summer 2012. Student teams can engage in the program either for course credit or in an internship setting. Small grants are available for the internship option.The Foundry system was developed by an RPI graduate now at the University of Utah and includes a proven method for structuring business incubation.  A key advantage of leveraging the Foundry system is the weath of resources available online. For more information on the Foundry program,view these videos. An information session will be held on Tuesday, January 24th at 6:00 pm in room 104 in the Lally Building.RSVP to the Facebook Event Join the Google Group(this is how …