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ITWS Alumni Sean Austin

Sean Austin, B.S. ITWS '11, has been working with music start-up Tunigo since August 2012 as US Marketing Director. In June, Spotify acquired the start-up with the goal of rolling the music discovery curators into their own operation. Spotify will be going up against Apple, Google, Pandora and soon-to-be-announced Beats Music for the go-to global music streaming service in the coming months.

"As a Information Technology & Web Science student, I became fascinated with the acceleration of technology into all industries of society. As a passionate music lover and classically trained in piano, I wanted to merge the two loves since I was a sophomore. I worked on a start-up for several years while attending school which focused on mobile applications and had some success... outside the music domain though. A year ago, I had the opportunity to spin-off my own start-up that focused solely on music in the interactive mobile app space. The investment money had me quickly off down a …