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IT Alumnus, Bill Wales, Publishes Research on CEO Narcissism

Bill Wales, IT Alumnus class of 2004, and former president of GNH, recently published an article entitled “In Pursuit of Greatness: CEONarcissism, Entrepreneurial Orientation, and Firm Performance Variance” in the Journal of Management Studies, as quoted on Bill, now a professor of management at James Madison University, has been studying corporate entrepreneurship for several years and recently linked narcissistic CEOs to an increase in firm entrepreneurial behavior.
With greater narcissism, individuals tend to have increasingly inflated, commonly unrealistic, views of their own self-importance. Yet, these self-perceptions are generally fragile, and maintaining them demands continuous external self-affirmation from others. In organizational leadership roles, narcissists are therefore concerned with actions that draw attention to themselves, inspire awe and adoration among followers, and have the possibility of leaving behind an admirable legacy of achievement. The recent re…

Lindsay Poirier (Merging IT and Social Science)

ITWS Alumni Lindsay Poirier (Class of 2013)  traveled to Africa to test software that used indigenous culture to teach mathematical concepts. She's pursuing her Ph.D. at Rensselaer and continuing her research on Africa, focusing on the critical issues involved with moving Africa into the Information Age.

MS in IT Curriculum Updated - New Core and New Concentrations!

The Master's in IT program recently updated the curriculum and has some exciting changes to share.  Two new concentrations have been added, Data Science and Analytics and Information Dominance.  Also the class Data Science has been added as the new Data Analytics core requirement, advanced options for this core area will be Database Mining, X-Informatics, and a brad new class currently being developed called Data Analytics.    

Additionalinformation about the new concentrations.
Data Science and Analytics - Data and Information analytics extends analysis (descriptive and predictive models to obtain knowledge from data) by using insight from analyses to recommend action or to guide and communicate decision-making. Thus, analytics is not so much concerned with individual analyses or analysis steps, but with an entire methodology. Key topics include: advanced statistical computing theory, multivariate analysis, and application of computer science courses such as data mining and machin…

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute To Train U.S. Navy Officers in Information Technology and Web Sciences

July 18, 2013 The U.S. Navy is turning to the Information Technology and Web Science (ITWS) Program at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute to prepare a select group of U.S. Navy officers with skills needed for military cyberspace operations. Under a three-year agreement, the Navy will enroll a group of five to 10 officers yearly in a new “information dominance” concentration within the Master of Science in Information Technology degree program at Rensselaer. The new concentration will prepare officers for careers designing, building, and managing secure information systems and networks. Such training is essential for the U.S. Navy in an increasingly information-rich environment, said Professor Peter Fox, director of the ITWS program, which is offered through the School of Science. “When you’re deluged with a large amount of heterogeneous information, you’re presented with challenges that you don’t have when you have sparse amounts of information,” said Fox. As an example, Fox pointed to soc…

Want to Be a “Tetherless World Engineer”?

Want to Be a “Tetherless World Engineer”? By Angela Guess on July 8, 2013 2:30 PM Chloe Green of Information Age recently wrote, “The next generation of digital professionals will need a far broader set of skills than today’s IT workers. Beyond simply installing and managing systems, they will need to find ways to use technology to support communication, collaboration and innovation. That is the thinking behind a new Masters’ course at Bath Spa University, dubbed ‘Creative Technology and Enterprise.’ Most creative technology courses are aimed at students who want to join the creative industries, such as music, graphic design or broadcast, and offer training in digital media. Bath Spa’s new course, by contrast, is designed specifically to train up employees for conventional businesses. It is a hybrid of computing, creativity and business that reflects the ‘transdisciplinary’ nature of the economy, and aims to inspire st…

IT Alumnus, Akeem Shirley, Interviewed for Cisco Video

Hack IT: 24 Hour Hack-A-Thon Pushes Engineers Beyond The Norm - The Network: Cisco's Technology News Site

Hack IT: 24 Hour Hack-A-Thon Pushes Engineers Beyond The Norm Who needs sleep when there are codes to break? Cisco engineers along with interns and university students test their geek credentials while solving some of technology's biggest problems.
June 09 , 2013 Full Transcript This event is called Hack It. We are doing a 24 hour intense coding and problem solving marathon. We've got Indian and Chinese and we're all running on highly caffeinated drinks.

Cisco Live 2013 Behind the Scenes #1 | Introducing Alex Felker

One of our very own ITWS students, Norbert, seems to be having a lot of fun during his internship with Cisco Systems! @1:45

IT Alumnus, Rich Palmer, Publishes Book "30/90: Building a Better Future"

“30/90: Building A Better Future” is a proven framework for achieving your goals. Whether you are looking to pursue lifestyle changes or extreme challenges, 30/90 provides you with a simple and direct step-by-step process. The framework combines the best productivity techniques with my own findings to help you define and conquer challenges in your life - and build to a grander and brighter future.

I particularly love a good challenge. Over the years, I have pursued dozens of challenges and goals ranging from extreme fitness, to losing over sixty pounds in 90 days, to mental deprivation. I have spent 30 days eating only raw food, a whole month of not lying (and telling the truth for any question asked), and more.

“30/90: Building A Better Future” is the exact process I go through, from beginning to end. It details what kinds of goals to strive for and how to pick the most important ones. It covers how to stay organized, motivated, and sane while pursuing these challenges. …