Tug of war result...(Hendler finally concedes)!!!!!!!

Colleagues, friends, students in the CS and ITWS programs,

  My congratulations to the ITWS Program for besting the computer science department in the "official" part of the Tug-of-war held today.  I have conceded defeat and with the losing of the bet, I will be sweating for hours in the summer sun helping Peter do his landscaping work instead of him coming to work on mine.   i wish I had known that Peter had been a tug-of-war team member when he was in school (he didn't mention that to me until after the bout :-)) 

  Congrats again, and as the attached shows, it's an important Web Science result that you just cannot believe everything you read in wikipedia.

   JIm Hendler
   CS Dept Head

p.s. Wait until next year!!


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