Interview with Senior Michelle Sharer

Recently we had a chat with Michelle, who is pursuing the ITWS major in RPI.

Michelle came to RPI as Computer Science major and switched to the ITWS
program a year later to concentrate in Web technology.

One of the reasons she made the switch to ITWS program was because it is a
smaller program than computer science and it feels more like a family. She has
a great adviser who is like a mother in the organization. There are only 120
undergraduates and she knows every person in the program, which makes it
easier to reach out for help.

Another reason to like ITWS program is because it offers a blend or mix between
computer science and management. Students can get to develop business, social
and presentation skills while also learning all about technology, like writing code
or software. Moreover, Michelle considers all courses are of great value.

When asked if she would recommend this program to her friends, Michelle said:
“Absolutely, I will, it’s really across the board, because the
program has about 20 concentrations. You can go into this
program with any interests. You can learn everything that you are
interested in plus business and management skills you need for
the working environment.”

To learn more about the ITWS program visit us at http://


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