Interview with Junior Madeline Heller

Madeline is a junior at RPI majoring in IT & Web Science with a concentration in
Management Information Systems.

She chose the ITWS program because she was more interested in the interaction
between people and computer technology instead of coding all the time. She
thinks the emphasis of the ITWS program on group work and projects affords the
opportunity to learn much about real world issues and values.

Madeline thinks the ITWS program offers a good mix of courses from IT and
management and this will definitely help her achieve a career in IT project
management. Her leadership skills are also developed through the experience
gained from project-work and meeting people from non-technical backgrounds.
Madeline would like to see more women pursuing this program.

When asked if she would recommend this program to her friends, Madeline said:
“Absolutely I would recommend ITWS program to my friends, I think if you
are not necessarily looking for a career in IT. In fact, you get so many different
aspects out of the program, it can be really applied to any major. Also you can
really do anything with the program. For example my concentration is MIS, but
I know people who pursue other concentrations in completely different fields
than I am. So I think that really can move to fit your needs and there is a lot of
value offered by the program.”


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