RPI University Hacker Olympics

The Entrepreneurship club is excited to host the first University Hacker Olympics. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to win an all-expense paid trip to San Franciscoin January to hack against the top engineers from 30 hot tech startups such as: AirBNB, Kayak, Dropbox, CouchSurfing, Yelp, and more. (See attached flyer). In California you will not only be hacking but also meeting and networking with these top tech startups, and who knows maybe get a job offer.

How do you win you may ask?
To be eligible to be selected to compete in California you must participate in a 4 hour code challenge (using hacker rank) which will pit you against not only RPI students but students at some of the top schools in the country. From those participants 4 will be picked to fly out to California. (the top 10 students form RPI will be asked to fill out a questioner and a panel of judges will pick the top 4).

Please join our Facebook event page:

Here are the details:
When: 12/8
Time: 2pm – 6pm
Where: CII 4034

Compete against and get ranked against some of the top students in the country:
UC, Berkeley

Let us also know if you plan on attending by filling out:

Event homepage:


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