Gamma Nu Eta Student to Student Career Coaching Event

The IT honors society is putting together a career coaching program for the ENTIRE SCHOOL. The event is on February 6th from 8pm to ~10pm in DCC 330.

Why you should go:

Members of GNH will be giving career tips and advice, specifically on the following topics: preparing for the career fair, applying for jobs, keeping in contact with recruiters, how to write a professional email, interview skills, and resume advice.

But here's the best part:

Students at RPI will also have the chance to "adopt" a member of GNH who will be their personal career coach. A coach and a student will exchange contact information, and for the rest of the semester, the coach will be available to students any time they have a question, and will assist students with every step in the job-getting process: resume critiquing, editing cover letters, preparing for the career fair/interviews. There will be a meet&greet and Q&A after the lecture. 

Don't hesitate to email the event coordinator, Michelle Sharer, with questions.  


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