Seeking the Next Social Media Leaders

Hello everyone,

Do you have leadership potential?

Last Spring, the Social Media Club @Rensselaer, an educational chapter of the largest social media organization in the world, launched on campus. Its founders, Diego Regules and Travis Cano (ITWS Seniors), most significant contribution to the community was achieved through the Social Media Forum, to which more than 100 people attended.

Since Travis and Diego will graduate in December, they're currently looking for pro-active students looking to take responsibility in managing the club. They will transfer all their know-how, along with access to all of our platforms to any student (or group of students) that demonstrate a clear interest in learning about social media and possess some leadership acumen. 
This Rensselaer Union-recognized club is flexible enough and open to allow any social media leader to take it in the direction she/he decides! Everything's in place already for someone else to lead the club: contacts in Capital Region Tech Valley and on-campus offices & organizations, Social Media Club connection website, web presence (Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Scribd, Google services), etc. This is truly a unique opportunity to lead an innovative club with great potential without all the hassle of founding/promoting it! 

As leaders we benefited from several unique résumé-boosting opportunities. Some of these include:
  • Networking with Public Relations, Online Marketing, Corporate Communications, Web Advertising, and Web Development professionals in the Capital Region through SMC Tech Valley, and around the US through the national organization Social Media Club 
  • Job opportunities (interviews)
  • Direct contact with managers at Price Chopper and/or CEOs in Hyperlocal Advertising pioneer iZoca.
  • Leadership skills
  • Event coordination and advertising
  • Social media management skills: Facebook pages promotion, Twitter campaigns
  • Attended webinars with social media leaders
  • Abundant resources and support from SMC leaders
  • Administrating a Wordpress blog
We are looking forward to speaking with you!

Social Media Club @Rensselaer
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