ITWS Laboratory - What the Students and Faculty Are Saying

Have you stopped by the ITWS Laboratory recently?  

Comfy couches make a great place to work on group homework, rest between classes, or have a snack before class.  

There are twelve 22" monitors set up for student use.  Give those tired eyes a break from staring at your laptop screen.     

Snacks, coffee, soda, and juice are available in the lab for purchase.  Best prices on campus!  There is also a microwave, refrigerator, and water cooler. 

Come in between classes, to study, work on group projects, or to socialize with other ITWS students.

What students and faculty are saying about the lab.

"The Information Technology and Web Science (ITWS) Lab has become a "satellite home base" where I can feel like I am at home. I often find myself going there in-between classes or at the latest hours in the night. It is the place where I, as well as many others, go to get work done. The space enables ITWS students to communicate and collaborate across the different class years. For example, I have seen freshman approach seniors/graduate students to ask about the program, what classes to take, and even for help with the classes they are currently taking. Due to the nature of the ITWS program, many courses are project based and teams/groups take advantage of the monitors and couches to hold their meetings. It truly is a place where collaboration on different ideas produce genuine products and services. The lab has greatly enhanced and embraced the "close knit" family feel of Information Technology and Web Science at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute."  
Kevin Ung, ITWS Class of 2013

"I use the ITWS Social Lab Space as a place to work on class assignments and interact with my peers in the ITWS program. The lab has been very useful for me during group project work for ITWS courses, providing a space to work collaboratively with access to technology like dual monitors for laptops. The snacks and soda available make the lab a desirable space for interaction and exchange of ideas even when not doing classwork."
Alex Bulazel, ITWS Class of 2014

“The lab is a great place to collaborate with other students in a relaxed and comfortable setting. I have used the lab for meetings as well as for simply getting help on current projects or reviewing for tests. The lab is one of the best parts of not only the Lally building but also being an Information Technology and Web Science student.“
Catherine Hastings, ITWS Class of 2015

"The  Lab space that the ITWS department has created is an amazing resource.  Because the curriculum is heavily group focused providing a space for groups to meet and collaborate is a resource that has helped me to succeed.  In creativity and IT my partner and I used the large monitors to work on a wireframe design for our project together.  In Managing IT Resources my group uses the space as a quiet meeting place whenever we hold meetings.  As a student living off campus the Lab provides a location for me to get work done between classes while remaining on campus.  While there are other locations on campus for this type of activity none provide the atmosphere and size that is particularly conducive to either group or individual work."
Andrew Karnani, ITWS Class of 2013

"The IT lab has been a tremendous resource for me. When I transferred to RPI in the Spring, I frequently used the lab as a place to get help with my data structures course. Also, my project team for IT and Society frequently met in the lab until late in the evening. With the new layout this semester, I have been spending an even greater amount of time using the resources Linda, Lessa, Greg, and Jim have provided us. I am lucky to have this place to work and relax in between classes."
Alexander Lahuerta, ITWS Class of 2013

“I’ve always been impressed by the energy that the ITWS Student Leadership and GNH (the ITWS honor society) have put into building a student community around the program. Now that they have a dedicated laboratory, they’ve been able to take this energy in new directions, including the potential for pursuing some exciting undergraduate research projects.
– Atsushi Akera, member, IT Faculty & Chair ITWS Undergraduate Curriculum Committee.”


  1. The IT lab has filled a big hole in my studies at RPI. Before the lab space was available, finding productive but comfortable work space was difficult: the Union has refreshments but often gets loud, and the library is quiet but it's difficult to work in groups.

    The IT lab is the best of everything: students with similar but diverse interests, work space with dual monitors, and snacks and couches for when your x86 comp-org assignment is driving you insane.


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