Introduction Post - Rich Palmer

Hi all!

My name is Rich Palmer, and I’m a ‘07 IT School Alumni. I graduated cum laude with a dual major in IT and Economics.

I’ll be contributing guest blog posts to the ITWS blog covering such topics as advice on IT at RPI, working in traditional companies vs. startups, recruiting, finance, starting your own business, and more. If there is ever a topic you’d like me to cover/expand on - or something I can help with - let me know.

This first post will be a brief introduction of who I am.

I’m currently living in Berkeley, CA and working on a web startup that I co-founded with another RPI grad called OvenAlly. We are launching in May.

Previously, I worked for 3 1/2 years at Capital IQ, a financial technology firm on Wall St, as a Business Analyst. I was responsible for all design and development of Portfolio Analytics and Quantitative Products (heavy stuff!) and worked with an international team to get things done.

I have a deep appreciation for design, finance, startups, and food - all evidenced by my past and future focus. Additionally, I’ve had the opportunity to be the CTO of a Domestic Microfinance Organization, start my own Investment Fund, join the leadership team for the Alumni Association and much more.

Thanks for your time! I look forward to sharing more with you all.


Rich Palmer


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