The IT and Web Science program has provided a number of students who work with me on developing technologies for Open Government Data. Congressional budget cuts are now threatening to cut down or cut off many of the US efforts in Open Government Data Sharing and in general open government transparency.

To learn more about our work in this area you can visit our Linked Open Government Data website (and note that many of these demos were built by ITWS students, in fact all the demos about New York State government were built by students in the Web Science class).

To learn about what you can do to help save this important government resource, or to learn more about the issue if you are interested in the interaction between IT, Government and Society, you can look at a longer blog entry that includes pointers to articles and more discussion. This also contains information about what you as a US voter can do to help.

To track discussion about this issue, you can search for the hashtag #savethedata on twitter.


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